Laura was a great support system during our first birth experience. She was present through the whole labor and well past the delivery. Laura was an incredible resource to have and helped both my wife and myself through the process. I felt included as the partner at all the steps leading up to the birth. She also worked very well with the hospital staff to make an amazing experience all around.
-Russel B.


Laura served as a postpartum doula and personal assistant for our family after the tragic loss of our pregnancy. I had severe medical complications which nearly resulted in death and Ms. Press was a part of our family for the recovery period of five weeks. Ms. Press is a loving, kind, and knowledgeable doula who took care of our family during a very difficult time as we mourned the loss of a baby and focused energy on my return to optimal health. We were able to communicate our needs to Ms. Press without apprehension and she helped us cultivate a feeling of peace in our home during a stressful time. Ms. Press remained unbiased about any preferences we had in dealing with sensitive situations. Ms. Press has extraordinary passion for being a doula. She was a dependable presence in our home who offered excellent advice but was also positive during overwhelming times. She knew the exact balance of helping and letting us regain a sense of control over our life and my health. Ms. Press is educated and wise beyond her years. Her encouragement and support were invaluable to our family.
-Susan M.

This was our first experience with a doula and a baby. Laura was so wonderful and patient with all of my questions, concerns and worries. (Being a first time mom I had lots of them) she put my mind at ease throughout the whole labor experience. Laura has such a kind and calming spirit, I could not have asked for a better support system through my labor. I loved how she was supportive in all the right ways. Whether it was taking over when daddy needed a break, bringing me crackers and great smelling essential oils, or just being a calm presence when I needed everyone to get away from me and be quiet. I’m so thankful she was there to help bring our little sugar roll into the world! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Alina B.

Laura was an integral part of our pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. Our labor was long and difficult yet completely manageable due to her preparedness, caring nature and giving heart. We enjoyed working with her so much and would recommend her over and over again. She has a heart of gold and we are so happy to have met a new friend in Laura.
– Kristin, Dave & Eloise Miller


Laura came to our family at a challenging time and helped us immensely over several months. As our needs evolved over time, Laura adapted right along with us and provided the entire family with much-needed care and support. When Laura arrived with her cheerful, soothing personality, I knew right away that we would be lucky to work with her. Laura is calm, compassionate, reliable, hard-working, and uplifting. I feel that she’s appropriately deferential to our decisions as parents and refrains from making personal judgments. But, that said, if we ask Laura what she thinks about something, she freely shares her thoughts and expertise. She does a great job of evaluating the energy of a room when she enters it and balancing quiet supportiveness with advice-giving.
-Allison A.


Our family first met Laura after our son was born. Those early days as a new mom were challenging for me and we were so happy when Laura came into our lives – I only wish we had met her sooner. Not only was she wonderful with our son but she provided an incredible amount of guidance and support for our whole family. Laura was patient, kind and knowledgeable. She was direct yet never judgmental – always encouraging, helping me to gently step out of my comfort zone and trust myself as a mom. In a time when it was difficult for me to trust my son with anyone, our family quickly built a bond with Laura and felt like we were able to trust her as we would a member of our family. Now that we are expecting our second little one, I am so happy that we have Laura in our lives to help us through this exciting (yet overwhelming at times) transition.
-Katie S.


I knew Laura was the right person to support us bringing our first baby into the world immediately upon meeting her. Her gentle nature, positive energy, and knowledge and love for supporting families through the journey of childbirth were undeniable. Laura shared valuable information with us before the birth to help us make decisions regarding labor and delivery, and she also encouraged us to talk and work through fears we had before the day came. She was unwavering in her advocacy for us, providing us with materials, data, and space to make decisions and helping us follow through with our wishes. Laura was such a wonderful guide for us in this experience and we were honored to share the birth of our son with her.
-Kimberlie B

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