Herbal Consultations

ʻAina Hanau offers in depth personal consultations, on finding the right herbal remedies for you, based on your history, constitution, and lifestyle. We will look at finding the right herbal protocol, self care techniques or other types of therapies for you.

Laura specializes in women’s health & reproductive issues using a combination of traditional healing methods as well as her knowledge of western herbal medicine. All plants are organic, ethically sourced and handmade for high quality effectiveness. All remedies are created with intention and love.

After the initial 90 minute consultation, a custom herbal blend will be created for you. Often times during the consultation we will tune in energetically, to bring out your inner wisdom, clear blockages and together we will try to find the underlying cause of your symptoms or emotional reactions. Each session may look different from the last, and will usually include body or energy work. I am ready to listen and facilitate an effective journey for you.

Some areas of focus:

Irregular/Painful menstrual cycles

Herbs in Pregnancy

Postpartum Recovery

Displaced Uterus & Womb Healing

Energy Clearing

Sexual Abuse or Trauma

Practices & Techniques:

Reiki Energy Clearing

Moxa and Cupping

Herbal Yoni Steams

Maya Abdominal Massage

Ayurvedic Abhyanga (Warm sesame oil massage)

Fresh Plant Brushings/Ceremonial Smudging