Bengkung Belly Bind








Bengkung belly binding is a Malaysian practice that involves wrapping the abdominal cavity, stabalizing and balancing the hips and back typically done during the postpartum period after childbrith.The bind helps to draw back in the seperated abdominal muscles, hips and ribcage that naturally occur during pregnancy. But most importantly, this tradition just as used in many cultures, is a womb nurturing ceremony. I handmake all of the belly binds, available in patterns or muslin.

The wrap is yours to keep after I come to your home and provide a professional binding. Additionaly this includes, a gentle warm oil abdominal rub and centering technique learned from Maya midwives, a reiki energy balance to honor your womb space, and instructions for you and your partner for further wrapping.

Investment $100 

This service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health related condition.  If you have concerns about your health, please consult a licensed medical professional.