Labor & Birth Doula

Labor Doula

During your pregnancy we will have several prenatal appointments to get to know each other and to prepare for the birth of your baby. This is a vital step in allowing you arrive at your birth feeling confident. We can practice hands on coping methods and techniques, and we can discuss concerns and what ifs a head of time and spend time working through those concerns. We can prioritize what you as a family feel is important and I can provide you with resources & referrals to qualified professionals, research and evidence based information regarding decisions you will be making.
When labor begins, I will have already gone on call for you. I can come to your home or birthing location when you feel you need the support, but am always available by phone and email. Your labor support may include: movement and position suggestions and the reassurance that if anything changes or sways from course, I’ve still got your back 100% and support you in your decisions.

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