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The Name ‘Āina Hānau (Eye-Na, Hah-Now) means ‘birthplace’ and comes from two Hawaiian words: Land and Birth. Just as in any culture, rituals and ceremonies have occurred throughout history and are an integral part of the pregnancy and birth process. Each woman’s experience and journey into motherhood is unique, one that belongs only to her. There is no ‘right way’ to have a baby. What is important is that you feel informed, well cared for, and safe in your own birth place. As your doula, I am here to hold your sacred ‘āina hānau and guide you into having the best possible birth and postpartum experience for YOU. Learn more about how ʻAina Hanau can support you and your family through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.
Doula Information

All Services

  • Prenatal support

    On going support throughout your pregnancy

  • Labor and birth support

    Throughout the course of your labor, you will have compassionate hands-on support.

  • Postpartum support

    Supporting the transition into parenthood, focusing on whole family nourishment.

  • Reiki Healing

    Reiki is a form of energy work that supports your natural ability to heal.

  • Flower Essences

    Flower essences are a botanical and energetic medicine, where each flower works within a specific healing theme. Each flower has its own bio-energetic field that is transferred through the sun or moon, and stabilized in water.

  • Womb Healing & Mayan Abdominal Centering

    Mayan abdominal massage is a traditional healing technique practiced for thousands of years by the Maya people and similarly by other indigenous cultures around the world. It is external technique that creates balance and circulation back into the energetic center of our being. In particular it focuses on the lower abdomen and pelvic region which holds the reproductive organs


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