Welcome to ʻĀina Hānau!

I am a Denver based Doula and Reiki Practicioner.

The Name ‘Āina Hānau (Eye-Na, Hah-Now) means ‘birthplace’ and comes from two Hawaiian words: Land and Birth. Just as in any culture, rituals and ceremonies have occurred throughout history and are an integral part of the pregnancy and birth process. Each woman’s experience and journey into motherhood is unique, one that belongs only to her. There is no ‘right way’ to have a baby. What is important is that you feel informed, well cared for, and safe in your own birth place. As your doula, I am here to hold your sacred ‘āina hānau and guide you into having the best possible birth experience for YOU! I believe that each woman instinctively has the wisdom and strength vital to the labor and birthing process. These experiences matter and can influence your entire outlook on this momentous occasion in your life. We cannot control birth; but, we can manage how a mother is cared for. My goal is to listen to your needs, provide continuous, nonjudgmental support, and provide the tools to help you feel confident in your own birthplace.


  • Prenatal support

    This vital step helps prepare you for your birth day!

  • Labor and birth support

    Throughout the course of your labor, you will have 100% compassionate hands-on support.

  • Postpartum support

    ‘Āina Hānau offers experienced service to ease the transition into parenthood, focusing on the whole family’s needs so they can focus on their new baby.

  • Reiki Healing

    Reiki supports the natural ability to heal, helps you find what areas of energy within yourself needs to be unblocked. As a Reiki Practicioner I am but a channel for positive energy flow.

  • Flower Essences

    Coming Soon!

  • Mayan Abdominal Centering

    An external technique that helps guide internal organs into proper position, creating balance, circulation and flow back into the energetic center of our being.


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